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2012 Cosplay Round Up!! by Scarlet-Impaler 2012 Cosplay Round Up!! by Scarlet-Impaler
This is my end of year cosplay collage. Itís a lot fancier than last yearís. Needless to say I got much more acquainted with PS CS3 than ever before. Might have gone overboard with the game titlesÖ..

Technically, I am able to work on cosplays on shipÖ But due to personal storage space, I can only keep it at fabric level. Which is good since I still can let my hands do some work!

The cosplays are in order from when I originally debuted them, from the top left, then down.

I foresee next yearís theme to be more on the Cyberpunk and Sci-fi side. Iím going to go all out on an Adam Jensen cosplay from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Maybe a Ghost in the Shell cosplay finally. Leaning towards Batou or Saito here. I researched Seburo and Iím going to Nerf Mod me some MN-23ís and C-26ís. I know this isnít as ďCyberpunkĒ has Deus Ex or GitS, but itís pretty much is, minus cyborgs and crap, but Iím also finally going to do Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell!

A little on what I call ďHalo: Project RestorationĒ. This is a big project on my end in which Iím going to restore, to good order, both suits of my Halo armor (Master Chief and ODST), and finish a complete UNSC Marine. Maybe some more weapons along the way. Like an Assault Rifle Nerf Rayven mod (thatís also asking to be done).

Thatís it for now I guess. I probably should have saved this for a JournalÖ Oh well.

All the respects to the awesome photographers who took these pictures. I thank you once more, and I have them linked in the each respective DA upload.
Zurakci Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
sooo.. these are all you? 2013 should be master Chief :v
Scarlet-Impaler Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Already was Master Chief a year or two back, the armor got old and normal Con wear and tear was getting too much. Now, with some new armor making ideas, I can repair it all.
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